A summary of forgetting sarah marshall

Sarah Marshall's rock star boyfriend.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Movie Review Summary

Aldous says that Peter has four years on him meaning that Aldous and Sarah were having sex for a year before she broke things off with Peter. Peter goes up to the bar and Chuck is sitting there with Darald. She leaves and he goes to the dressing room to take off his unitard.

When they hangout again to go cliff-jumping, they kiss.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

A bartender at Turtle Bay. He starts crying afterwards when he has flashbacks of all he good times he had with Sarah. He says she's not employed anymore and she can be the head of his groupies.

He plays the song and sings like Dracula. Peter does not learn how to surf. The more time he spends with Rachel, the more he begins to realize that his relationship with Sarah was not as great as he had thought.

There is also a montage during this scene of Darald and his wife having sex in many different positions and clearly enjoying it. Bill Hader as Brian Bretter: Sarah and Aldous start to make out but Peter clears his throat to get their attention and then walks on up to his room.

Learn From This: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Peter gets drunk at the bar and is joined by Darald. Taking pity on him, hotel concierge Rachel Mila Kunis offers him an expensive suite for free in exchange for cleaning up the room himself. A famous working actress for the TV show Crime Scene: Peter is trying to burn all the pictures he has of Sarah because she's everywhere and he can't get over her.

Rachel agrees to hang out with Peter at a luau, then a bar, and they get to know each other. He eventually lets go and is not hurt. Peter says that Sarah used to talk about this place in Hawaii that was really beautiful. Rachel Mila Kunisthe front desk agent pities Peter, and befriends him.

Sarah tells Rachel that she's really pretty and then starts to cry. Aldous is out there and they talk about the song Peter is writing. Chuck tells Peter that when life gives you lemons, you just have to throw the lemons out.

He leans over to kiss her but she moves away because she doesn't want to complicate things.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Movie Review Summary

Learn From This: Forgetting Sarah Marshall July 19, by Dr. NerdLove As half my readership heads off to Nerdi Gras to sit in line for three days in hopes of getting into the Hunger Games 2: Hungry Like the Wolf panel at Hall G, I am contentedly sitting at home and enjoying the brief spate of incredible weather here in Austin.

Variety Joe Leydon. Segel makes an engaging impression throughout Forgetting Sarah Marshall, gamely making himself the butt of many jokes that involve Peter's non-macho proclivities/10(3). Summary: FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL is the story of Peter Bretter who is dumped by his famous actress girlfriend Sarah Marshall and then ends up sharing a week in Hawaii with her and her new boyfriend, a well-known singer.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Script Summary. Peter is a composer and a likable sad sack who’s devastated when his girlfriend of five years, Sarah Marshall, the star of a cheesy CSI-style crime show, dumps him.

He weeps, he rails, he mopes/5(2). Mar 16,  · Struggling musician Peter Bretter (Jason Segel, "How I Met Your Mother") has spent six years idolizing his girlfriend, television star Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell, "Veronica Mars"). Apr 18,  · Summary: Struggling musician Peter Bretter has spent six years idolizing his girlfriend, television star Sarah Marshall.

He's the guy left holding her purse in paparazzi photos and accidentally omitted from award acceptance speeches%(37).

A summary of forgetting sarah marshall
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